Creations for All Generations!

Finished and Fabulous

Well i finally finished my first big project...a cardigan!! In the picture i sit on the bench outside of Woolworks Ltd. my favorite yarn shop and place to be to just relax. From my first project a hat, second a hat and third...MY VERY OWN CARDIGAN! It's amazing how taking some yarn knotting it in just the right way can transform into clothes, accessories, and so much more. But since i finished this i have to move on to hmm...well you will find out ;)

I Love My Sister

Because of my amazing Squishy sister i am now the to-be owner of this bag from Joann. Now not only do i have a bag but i can also match my sister ;)

Vintage is in!

Just purchased from Ching Chin Jewellery!  This is big sis-squish talking :P Hope you like 'em Tess!

New New New!

With the findings of some new patterns i can now expand my level of difficulty and expand the quantity of items i can create for you! Some of the items i have found include a purse, some fingerless gloves, and a matching set of a scarf and hat. These new findings will come into play when someday in the near future an Etsy store carrying my items and name will come and be out for the world to see, which then can show you what my hard work has done ;)

Results are In

I have now the completions of 3 hats one of which is shown. Currently i am working on a top-down cardigan that i absolutely love and sadly progress has halted because of a mistake further down. Good news is that i have located more patterns including fingerless gloves and a small coin purse so i can look into those and start doing a wider range of things. I'm very happy with myself and i hope to become an expert knitter soon!

First Knit Slouchy Hat! :D

Something new Something old

Well with the completion of my first hat i feel the need to move onto bigger and better things. I have been thinking about what to make and i think it should include a bag considering i always carry stuff around why not give it a home! Well hopefully i can make one successfully and then i can show you =]

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